Sumatra Reserve

OK kids, get ready for something unlike any Sumatran coffee you've probably ever had. Our Sumatra Reserve produces a remarkable, very clean tasting beverage that subdues Sumatra's famed "forest floor" flavor characteristics to deliver a brighter cup with wine-like acidity and sweet, richly satisfying notes of chocolate, caramel, brown sugar and lemongrass.

This coffee was grown by a small group of farmers near the villages of Pantan Musara in the Aceh region. Rare and highly unusual for the region, this coffee was prepared using the washed process, which uses large amounts of water to clean and prepare the beans for market. This is similar to how beans are prepared throughout Central and South America. In contrast, most coffees from Sumatra use the wet-hulled or giling bash processes, post-harvest techniques that use little or no water and deliver that more "classic" Sumatran taste that some can find somewhat "earthy" and off-putting

In short, Sumatra Reserve is a rare beauty and we are fortunate to be one of the few U.S. roasters to have it.

We love the coffees of Sumatra and select our offerings with a great deal of care  We look for the real stand-outs - coffees that sing to us in the cup and have earned their spot as one of our Captains' Table brand of premium coffees.

Recommended for drip and French Press.

Get Your Own (Almost) Free Sample

We understand the challenges of ordering coffee online so to take the worry out, let us treat you to a free pot! You can get your own not-quite famous "Almost" Free Sample here.

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