Sumatra Reserve

Sumatra Reserve is a big, tasty preparation grown and processed by the Batak people in the Lintong area south of Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake on Earth. This clean, sweet tasting coffee has medium body, a pleasant snap and richly satisfying notes of pipe tobacco and cedar with just a hint of sandalwood. This Sumatra Reserve is a true beauty, sure to please the palate of every fan of the coffees of Indonesia. 

We love the coffees of Sumatra and select our offerings with a great deal of care  We look for the real stand-outs - coffees that sing to us in the cup and have earned their spot as one of our Captains' Table brand of premium coffees. That's been a particular challenge with this year's crop and it's why we've chosen to go so long without one in our line-up.

Thankfully, the drought is over. After a prolonged absence, we're very excited to offer this flavorful, double-picked peaberry lot.

Recommended for drip and French Press.

Get Your Own (Almost) Free Sample

We understand the challenges of ordering coffee online so to take the worry out, let us treat you to a free pot! You can get your own not-quite famous "Almost" Free Sample here.

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