Papua New Guinea

This fresh roasted organic and Fair Trade-certified coffee produces a rich, sweet, tart and nutty cup that's at its best as a French Press, in a drip machine and as espresso. No matter which you choose, expect a cup with blissfully smooth mouthfeel and the satisfying flavors of chocolate and almonds with a nice, nutty aftertaste. 

It was grown by 375 smallhold coffee growers in the Chimbu Province in the Eastern Highlands of this island nation at altitudes between 5,200 and 5,900 feet. A highly diverse and remote group with huge differences in languages and culture between them, they are members of the Keto Tapasi Progress Assoc. and typically own anywhere from just two to a couple hundred coffee trees. These are very small subsistence growers whose "farms" have no names, no formal boundaries and are more often called gardens than farms. Most growers here process their own beans, depulping, fermenting and laying them out to dry on tarps before taking them to the mill in the town of Goroka where the coffee is finished for export.

Note: Although this coffee is certified organic, we are not a certified roaster and as result we are not selling this coffee as an organic product. We do, however, store and roast all organic coffees according to organic standards.

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