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Panama - La Esmeralda 100% Catuai Natural

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Light roast coffee beans
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This exceptional Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee was grown and processed by the Peterson family, owners of Panama's Hacienda La Esmeralda. It's a very special preparation showcasing a single variety - Catuai.

Located in the Boquete region, this farm is revered by roasters and coffee fans around the world. For example, at the July 2017 Best of Panama auction, 100 pounds of La Esmeralda's Geisha variety fetched the world record sum of $601.00 a pound. That counts as revered in my book.

No, these are not those beans. But La Esmeralda's exceptional quality applies across all its offerings and we're pleased to offer it to you now.

Our light roast of the farm's naturally processed Diamond Mountain selection produces a delicate, aromatic, medium-bodied cup that sings with notes of honey, blackberries and strawberries.

We recommend this bean highly, but be careful to not use a lot of ground coffee when you brew or risk overpowering your cup. We've found the most flavorful cups result by using a bit less ground coffee than usual. For example, if you usually use a standard 17:1 ratio of water to grounds, try backing off to 19- or even 20:1. For the less fastidious, try using about a half scoop less than usual. You can also try using the same amount of coffee you usually do, but grind it more coarsely for a faster brew time. 

This lot is 100% Catuai variety, grown on the family's Jaramillo and El Velo Diamond Mountain farms at high altitude ranging from 5,250- to 5,900-feet. With this processing technique, whole coffee cherries are dried in the sun for three to five days. This allows the fruit of the cherry to dry with the coffee bean inside, infusing the bean with fruit and aromatic notes that carry through all the way to the cup. The result is a sweeter, more flavorful cup of coffee to fuel your day with a smile.

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