Windward Coffee's Kenya Akusi is roasted to Full City to bring out its finest.

Kenya's coffees are valued for their distinctive flavor qualities and we think these beans, from the Akusi Farmers Co-operative Society, deliver nicely on that promise.

This is a rich, creamy mouth satisfying coffee with big berry and fruit flavor notes. Tasty!

The co-op has about 600 farmer-members with an average farm size of about an acre. They're located in Nakuru country in Southwest Kenya, near Mt. Kenya.

Throughout the harvest, co-op members hand pick and deliver their fruit for processing the same day. At the co-op the ripe fruit is separated, washed in clean river water, then pulped and dried in the sun on traditional raised beds for several days.

Interestingly, Nakuru means "dusty place" in the Maasai language yet the county is home to a national park and the remarkable Lake Nakuru, a highly alkaline, algae-filled lake that attracts millions of flamingos. They share the park with rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards and the famed Maasai lions.

This coffee deserves your attention. We think you'll be more than pleased.

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