Guatemala Finca La Sierra

Light roast coffee beans

Very Limited Edition, Fewer Than 40 Bags Available

It can take a sip, a single whiff of a coffee's aroma, to fall in love with it. Arriving just in time for the cooler days ahead, just opening a bag of Finca La Sierra reminds me of a bouquet of Fall flowers.

In the cup you'll find a host of flavors with fresh rosemary, rose and lavender in the aroma. That carries through to the flavor where it picks up the taste of sweet chocolate, citrus and green grapes. All in all, this is a sweet coffee with tart and fruity acidity and a silky smooth mouthfeel.

It's been a few years since we offered any coffees from Guatemala so when we got a tip that this microlot was available we grabbed all we could get. It's not a lot so if you'd like some for yourself, don't delay. 

Finca La Sierra is a very small coffee farm in Guatemala's famed coffee growing region of Huehuetenango (way-way-TEN-ango). There, near the town of Santiago Chimaltenango and at an altitude of 5,600-ft., Hugo López Jiménez tends 320 coffee trees, mostly Caturra variety, on his 1.5 manzana (about 2.6 acres) farm.

For this microlot, Jiménez picked only the reddest, ripest beans on his farm, depulped them and then let them ferment without water for 18–24 hours. They were then washed three times in clear, cool running water and dried on a concrete patio for 3–5 days.

This is an exceptional coffee and we're very pleased to offer it to you now.

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