French Roast

It's dark, it's bold and the surface of every bean gleams with smokey sweetness. If you're a fan of the West Coast style of dark roasting, think of this as a French Roast with a North Coast flavor attitude.

Rather than underwhelm your cup with a brew made from burned beans that make little more than liquid smoke, we stop the roast at that critical moment when the beans are glistening with oils but haven't turned to char and given up their last ghost of flavor.

To coax our most difficult roast to life we use only the finest high-grown beans that have what it takes to stand up to the very high temperatures needed to produce it.

(Almost) Free Samples!

Still not sure this is a coffee you'll enjoy? We take the worry and treat you to an (almost) free pot! Get your own not-quite famous "Almost" Free Sample here.

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