Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This balanced, creamy coffee is alive with flavor notes of cherries and apricots topped off with an "ahhhh"-inducing aroma of jasmine and flowers in your cup. These heirloom variety beans were grown at altitudes of 6,200-ft by very smallhold farmers in Kore, a tiny village about 15 miles from the coffee's namesake city of Yirga Cheffe.

These beans were produced using the washed process where ripe beans are harvested then sorted in a water bath where the ripe fruit sinks while bad or unripe fruit floats to the top for separation. The ripe fruit is then depulped by fermenting the beans for a period of time in a bath of water & natural microbes and then washed with large amounts of clean, flowing water. The thoroughly cleaned beans are then spread on raised beds to dry in the sun for several days.

The result is a very high quality, very tasty cup of coffee we think you'll enjoy in those quiet moments alone and in the company of good friends and family. Recommended for drip and French press preparations, excellent as an AeroPress.

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