Costa Rica - La Minita Estate


New for 2020! Silky smooth and sweet with the taste of milk chocolate-covered cherries, brown sugar and nuts sparked by a touch of citrus and lemon, this is everything we have come to expect from this premiere coffee estate. La Minita ranks among the world’s finest coffees for a very simple reason — the farm consistently delivers extraordinary levels of coffee quality and flavor. This grand cru estate coffee has been a customer favorite since 2006 and whether you choose to savor it alone or with friends, it's always an affordable luxury.

As the flagship coffee of Hacienda La Minita, located in the famed Tarrazu district of Costa Rica, this very dense, high grown coffee consistently ranks among the most carefully nurtured, harvested and prepared coffees on the planet. In fact, of the approximately one million pounds of coffee the farm produces each year, less than 20 percent qualifies to carry the La Minita name.

French Press preparations emphasize this coffee's smooth mouthfeel, caramelized brown sugar-like sweetness and notes of cherries and chocolate. As a drip coffee look for additional notes of citrus.

This coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Introducing (Almost) Free Samples

Still not sure you'll like it? We understand, so take the worry out and let us treat you to a free pot! Get your own not-quite famous "Almost" Free Sample here.

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