Aerobie AeroPress w/Zippered Travel Bag

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The AeroPress is a runaway hit and it’s a great way to enjoy great coffee when traveling. We have three - one stays on the boat, another lives in our get-away bag and of course there's one at home. On the road it sure beats drinking hotel coffee and nothing even comes close to how easy it is to use and clean up.

The AeroPress is a highly versatile, plunger-style device that allows you to use a wide range of brewing techniques and recipes. Its' full-immersion approach to brewing yields full flavored results while its micro-filters make sure there's no grit in your cup.

The full package includes the plunger press as well as a scoop, funnel, tamper, filters, filter holder and a handy travel bag. 

At its most basic, it produces a short, strong shot of espresso-like brew, though don't expect it to make a real espresso. It is easy to make a great Americano by simply topping off your cup with hot water. For a latte or cappuccino, add steamed or hot milk. 

Using an AeroPress is a breeze and it takes no more than two or three minutes to make a cup. Remarkably, you'll spend most of that time waiting for the water to heat.

Basic Use

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of ways to use an AeroPress - heck, it even has its own international brewing competition. The internet is overflowing with recipes and how-tos, but here's a quick idea of how easy it is to make great coffee with an AeroPress. (Detailed instructions are included with your purchase).

1. Use a medium fine grind. With the plunger removed and a rinsed filter in place, place the grounds in the press. You might have to experiment with your grind until you find the one that works best for you.

For example, if it's too hard to plunge, grind a bit coarser. If the cup tastes weak, try a slightly finer grind or extend the brew time.

2. Heat water to 165° to 175°F, pour it over the grounds and use the included paddle to stir for 10 seconds.

3. Wet the plunger, place it in the top of the chamber and press gently until it bottoms out. If a faux “espresso” is your goal, that’s all there is to it.

5. To clean, remove the filter basket and press the plunger to eject the coffee puck. Rinse and wipe off the rubber plunger and you're done!

Your AeroPress incudes everything needed to make coffee, wherever you might find yourself. And don't forget, you get a zippered nylon travel bag to pack it all in.

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