Abid Clever Coffee Dripper

Full Flavor, Great Body, One Simple Idea

This is the original Clever Coffee Dripper (CCD) and it has coffee fans stirred up for good reason. CCDs not only make a fine cup of coffee, they don't cost much, they're very easy to use, and they offer ample opportunities to play with your recipes.

Manual drippers, aka filtercones, have been around a long time. But this isn't one that makes you stand around, tediously pouring hot water through the grounds. Clever Drippers feature a simple, bottom-mounted valve that keeps all the brew water in contact with the grounds for the entire brew cycle. This is full immersion brewing, similar to French Press, and it's the primary reason press coffee delivers the body and full flavor it is known for.

Need more advantages? Because the valve provides a positive shut-off until it's placed on top of a cup, you can leave it on the counter while it brews. It delivers great tasting, full-bodied coffee similar to a press while the filter eliminates the crunchy bits that always seem to find their way into a cup of pressed coffee.

Simple To Use, Even Easier To Clean

The Clever Dripper makes as much as 15 ounces of brewed coffee in a single pass. For best results, put a #4 or #6 white paper filter in the CCD and pre-soak with hot water to leach the paper taste out of the filter and warm the dripper. When the brew water is ready, dump the pre-soak and add coffee. Slowly add the hot water. To keep heat in, cover it with the included lid. Stir it after 90 seconds.

After 3 1/2 to 4 minutes, place the dripper on your cup. The valve will open, releasing the coffee. When it has finished draining, dump the spent grounds and rinse. Simple.


Dimensions: 6" H x 7.25" W (inc. handle)


Color: Clear (slight rose tint)

Capacity: Makes up to 15 ounces of brewed coffee

Brew Time: Four minutes (approx.)

Made in Taiwan by Abid Co., Ltd.

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