Wholesale Opportunities

For Retailers. . .

Windward partners with specialty foods retailers, multi-roaster cafés and select restaurants that share our philosophy of providing our customers with fresh, locally produced products. Both branded and bulk programs are available.

Plus, if you've always wanted a private label but thought you were too small to make it cost effective, we can help you develop that too — at a fraction of what you think it costs.

If this sounds good, we'd love to talk to you. Contact us here.

For Fundraisers. . .

Giving back to the community and supporting the efforts of non-profit and service organizations is important to us. We are pleased to offer our full line of specialty coffees, including single origins and custom blends developed specifically for your group's needs.

We'll work with you to develop a simple, easy-to-manage program that works for you. From product development to online marketing support — we'll even help you design your labels — we'd be happy to show you how our coffee adds an affordable, exciting new dimension to your fundraising efforts.

To find out more and to sample our products, please call or email us at anytime.