People Are Talking. . .

HHHM   ★★★★★  "I'm a big fan of 3rd wave coffee roasters like the big Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, Stumptown and Windward absolutely stacks up with their offerings and quality! Try the Tanzanian Peaberry!"

TA  ★★★★★  for La Minita  "Excellent coffee, excellent service. This was my first order from Windward and I give it a thumbs up. I will definitely order again!

TS for Tanzania Peaberry "Just had my first mug. Absolutely great. Great flavor and smooth as hell."

SB   ★★★★★  for Puerto Rico Reserva 360  "Great coffee. Outstanding website!"

ES  ★★★★★  for Colombia Montaña Dulce  "Great coffee. I'm not a big coffee drinker but I love this coffee! I'll drag out the coffee pot just to make a cup."

DB “My coffee was waiting for me when I got home, thanks. Love the Morning Watch, (haven't opened the Guatemala Antigua yet). Also, love the AeroPress. It even made my stale old Eight O'Clock coffee taste better. But wow, it made an amazing cup of Morning Watch. Absolutely the best cup of coffee I've ever had at home, SO FAR!. Can't wait to try some of your other coffees.”

Chef JD, Chez Francois, Vermilion, OH "Windward delivers fresh, and their coffees come from all over the world. Hoffmann roasts it and delivers it now. The day when a big coffee company came around once a month with your coffee is gone. They can’t touch the quality we serve today.”

MM, Chez Francois, Vermilion, OH "Dave roasts to order so we get really fresh, quality coffee. When a diner has a taste for a luxurious cup, Dave delivers it."

SB “Enjoying a fabulous cup of French Pressed Mama Cata! Thanks for rushing the beans.”

MC “I just got the perfect birthday gift - 3 Luscious bags-O-beans to try. . . starting tonight! THE PERFECT GIFT!”

Chef MN, Grady's, Rocky River, OH, Scene Magazine:   "The beans were sourced via special request from Westlake roaster Windward Coffee. "We had to have Puerto Rican coffee," Nieves tells us while pouring another mug, "because I grew up in Puerto Rico.  Dave Hoffmann and I went through several versions before we came up with this medium-plus roast. It's the most expensive coffee I carry, but in my opinion it's the best. I  want to be 100 percent behind everything I sell," he explains. "What I offer at Grady's is the best of everything I can find."

MC “Love your coffee!”

JZ “I can’t get enough of your coffee!”

BH Cleveland: “I could drink it 24/7”

VBS “The world thanks you for my Windward morning attitude.”

SC “We love both the Ethiopia Sidamo and the Costa Rica LaMinita Terrazu."

VS “The World Tour Samplers were well-received! Awesome reviews from KC and Atlanta.”

VCZ “Every morning is great with your La Minita Terrazu, which is smooth and flavorful and a winning combination” 

DF “I'm enjoying an amazing latte right now and it's because of you and your fantastic espresso roast. You really go far above and beyond for your customers, specifically myself. I can't think of a way to run a more personal and professional web store. I thank you for the opportunity to continue to taunt my co-workers with the scent of my coffee. Death to bad coffee! And you sir are leading the battle!”

TB “Like fine wines and single malt scotches, Windward single origin specialty coffees are just the best. Try it and you'll be sold. The best darn tasting coffee you ever want to sip. Have a cup”

VZ “Love my coffee!”

MC “Our new grinder is a dream."

RH “A beautiful Sunday morning in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Sunlight, windows open, a sailor's breeze, made all the better with a wonderful cup of Windward Select coffee. Life is grand.”

DP “This is simply the best coffee I have ever tasted.”

MD "I can't tell you how much I enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning. Took a couple of bags with us on our recent trip to Maryland and everyone that sampled it loved the flavor. Thank you so much and hope your business continues to prosper."

JC “Perfect timing ... I ran out of coffee yesterday and within 1 hour got the shipment. Anyway, the Tanzania is absolutely wonderful! I don't usually go out of my way to give input but this stuff is really good.”

KB “Thank you so much for the thoughtful selection of delicious coffees and clever presentation! My dad definitely got a kick out of the 'Happy Father's Day' on the inside of the gift box and enjoyed the “selected for’ note in the corner. We tried the Guatemalan this morning and I know he's excited to try the others. Thank you!!”