Our Story


Windward Coffee Roasters

Windward is a Northern Ohio family owned coffee roasting company operated by Dave Hoffmann, who holds the lofty and often meaningless title of Proprietor, and Regina Shaw, the much-needed and much more important Director of Rational Thinking. Since 2007 they've worked to ensure you can always choose from a wide selection of fresh roasted high quality specialty coffees.

Dave says few things seem more natural to him than selecting and roasting coffee, helping customers and managing this site. Regina's CPA and senior executive experience in the luxury hospitality, restaurant and commercial real estate industries brings a healthy dose of common sense and business acumen to the table.

Windward was started with the idea that there was a local market for an online, small volume producer of fresh roasted, high quality coffees for the home. Our business goals were, and remain, modest - stay small, roast and deliver excellent coffee and have fun doing it.

We do this for the sheer enjoyment of doing it and sharing good coffee with friends and neighbors wherever they might be. A decade later and we're still at it, still small, and still lovin' it. Thank you all!

Our Approach 

As a small batch artisan roaster, we roast less than 10 pounds of coffee at a time. That's the small batch part. The artisan part comes by roasting every batch the old fashioned way - paying close attention to the process, looking for critical cues in changes in temperature, color, sound and aroma to tell when each batch is roasted to our satisfaction.

Sure, putting everything under computer control would be easier, but Dave would lose out on all the fun he gets to have cranking dials, turning levers, flipping switches, listening for audible landmarks, checking aroma, and recording roast data every 30 seconds. We do this by choice and ultimately, we just hope it results in bigger smiles when you taste and share our coffees with friends and family.

Because spreading smiles is what it's all about.

 About Our Labels

Windward Coffee's Captain's Table label is reserved for the finest coffees we offerWe're always on the lookout for new coffees and when we find something great, beans that stand out from other coffees, they're reserved for our roast-dated Captain's Table label. These coffees can include estate grown beans, special microlots, Cup of Excellence winners and other fine coffees from across the planet. These limited edition coffees change frequently so we invite you to check back often.

All our Windward Select coffees are carefully chosen for their great flavor Equal care goes into choosing and roasting our Windward Select coffees. We think the first duty of every coffee is to simply taste great, and that's what Windward Select is all about — bringing you great tasting coffees representative of the distinct characteristics and flavors of the world's growing regions.

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