Tanzania Peaberry - Tweega

Light roast

Rich, mild and creamy with smooth flavor notes of lemon, nuts and a touch of orange citric brightness makes this a fine example of the coffees of Tanzania. We heartily recommend this distinctive bean as an everyday coffee. It's ideal for quiet moments alone as well as those times when you want to share with friends and family. Excellent in the morning, it plays nicely with your favorite dairy and sweeteners and excels when prepared as an auto or manual drip and in a French press.

What are Peaberries?

Coffee cherries normally produce two flat beans but sometimes only one forms. Smooth and round as peas, these single beans are called peaberries and some folks think they produce a more flavorful cup of coffee than regular beans.

(Almost) Free Samples Are Here

We understand that ordering coffee online can be a guessing game so to take the worry out, let us treat you to a pot! You can get your own not-quite famous "Almost" Free Sample here.

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