Ethiopia - Kayon Mountain Organic


In the cup, we think this Captains' Table coffee is just what the season ordered and trust that once you taste it, you'll agree. We find it to be a soft, sweet and complex coffee with a delicate mouthfeel and lots of jasmine flavor with citrus, raspberry and black tea flavors topping it off. This is a very high grown coffee, harvested from trees growing at altitudes between 6,200 and 7,200 feet.

The coffees of Ethiopia, the birthplace of our favorite beverage, are arguably among the most diverse and flavorful coffees you will find. These washed, shade-grown organic beans, from the Kayon Mountain farm in the Shakiso district of the Guji zone, Oromio district (about 300 miles South of Addis Adaba), very much live up to that reputation.

With 300 hectares in coffee, an on-site tree nursery, 25 full-time and more than 300 seasonal employees, this is a very large farm by Ethiopian standards. Owned and operated by Ismel Hassen and his family, the farm provides free transportation for employees as well as financial support to build community schools and administration buildings.

We think you'll enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

Note: Although this coffee is certified organic, Windward is not a certified organic roaster and as result we are not selling this coffee as an organic product. We do,  however, store and roast all organic coffees according to organic standards.

(Almost) Free Samples Available Now

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