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Samples, Samples Everywhere!

Wow! I've been neglecting these pages for a while but that doesn't mean we've been ignoring you. For the past several months we've been major busy searching out remarkable new coffees for your enjoyment. On average we've roasted, cupped and evaluated more than 20 candidates for every spot in our lineup, making the scene shown here an everyday occurrence (to say nothing of the resulting daily over-caffeination of yours truly).

Two of those selections are now available, including a great new Tanzania Peaberry microlot which you'll find at and our new for 2017 Montana Dulce from Colombia at

Behind the scenes we've done a deep dive into the inner workings of our roaster, installing modifications and data monitoring upgrades that will allow us to up our game and continue to deliver the great tasting coffees you've come to know.

There are more new coffees on their way and we'll be sure to let you know when they're in town.

Dave Hoffmann
Dave Hoffmann


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