Origins & Intersections: Windward's New Beginning

by Dave Hoffmann October 22, 2015

Dave HoffmannWelcome to our new store! Whether you're an old friend or are finding us for the first time, we're very pleased to have you aboard and hope you'll come back often. 

After nearly eight years, our original site was tired and tattered around the edges and it was clearly time for an update. While we were comfortable with the old platform, it had become cumbersome. Moreover, many of the newest features we wanted were either unavailable or costly. Given the many changes and advancements in ecommerce technology, it didn't take long to realize a major makeover was in order.

And a major one it is. In addition to a new mobile-friendly display, here are some of the new features you'll find (and some coming attractions to be added soon).

Free Local Delivery Area Expanded

Our Free Friday delivery area now ranges over a significantly larger chunk of Northern Ohio. We've offered free delivery to much of Western Cuyahoga and Eastern Lorain counties for years and have now extended that to include more of Cuyahoga and, in coming months, perhaps even more of Lorain.

Here's the full skinny on all our delivery options. 

New Pack Sizes Add Variety, Savings 

How about a big shout-out for our NEW ONE-POUND branded and FIVE-POUND WHOLE BEAN BULK packaging options. Since the beginning, Windward Coffee has been sold online in 12-ounce packs with larger sizes reserved for commercial accounts. Now you can pick the size that works best.

One-pound bags of whole and ground coffee pack in our familiar Windward Select and Captain's Table bags, while the new bare bones five-pound bulk option is all about value - it's just a big honkin' bag o' whole beans. No fancy labels or flowery prose, just big savings on good tasting beans in a not-so-fancy bag.

Introducing A New Payment Option 

Returning customers will find PayPal is still an option, but we've added direct, secure credit card handling so now you never have to leave our site to complete your transactions.

Something we haven't added but are thinking about is the ability to log in and use your existing Amazon account. It would allow you to use the credit and address information Amazon already has for you. Just log in to Amazon and go! We think this would be great for mobile users since it dramatically reduces the number of key strokes on those tiny screens. It also means an end to fumbling for purses and wallets to dig out credit cards and no more tedious address entries!

Let us know what you think. If there's enough interest out there we'll set it up and give it a try. By the way, we're not actually selling on Amazon, but that could happen soon enough.

What Happened To The Brewing & Recipe Pages?

Old hands will notice a number of absences from the menu, most notably our very popular Brewing & Recipe section. There's some major renovation underway, including new video-based brew guides and an expanded recipe department. Look for these to roll out in the New Year.

Dave Hoffmann
Dave Hoffmann