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Where's My Paypal? (We Changed Our Checkout Screens)

September 13, 2017

This is a shout-out to all our customers and particularly to those who use a Paypal account. We've been busy streamlining the back end business of running this site and one thing that annoyed us no end was the big yellow Paypal box at the top of the first checkout screen. Not only was it bright yellow and the first thing you saw on the page, it also made it look like it was the only payment option we offer. In fact, it was another way to pay offered as a convenience for those who prefer to use the service. I'm now very pleased to say that ugly blob is gone forever. Paypal Is Still An Option! Never fear Paypal...

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Samples, Samples Everywhere!

May 15, 2017

We're stoked to let you know that after an extensive sampling program we're adding a number of new coffees for your enjoyment. On average we've roasted, cupped and evaluated more than 20 candidates, such as those shown here, for every spot in our lineup. 

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Local Delivery Update

September 24, 2016

Next Saturday, October 1, will be a momentous day for our family as Dave's daughter, Kathryn, will be married. We couldn't be happier, but it does make a slight change in our schedule a necessity. This affects both our local and nationwide shipping customers.

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